More Info on Track Meet Tomorrow – June 4th

The track meet location has been changed to Layton High School (440 Lancer Ln., Layton, UT 84041) because Viewmont’s is closed for repair.  The meet will start at 6:00pm.  Meet check-in will be 5:15-5:45.  Each track team (Layton, Ogden, SDRD) will be in charge of meet registration/stickers for your own team. Please make sure your sticker lists first name, last name, age division, gender and event. We will be at the meet by 5:15 with stickers for you to fill out for each event your child participates.

Age Groups
The United States of America Track and Field Corporation (USATF) uses a method of age groups for children track programs. It is standard throughout all of America and it is also used in some International Clubs. The age groups are designated by birth year, not age. Participants birthday as of December 31st, 2015. The following are the age groups that will be used for the 2015 season. Every year the age groups move up by one calendar year.
Age Group Birth Year
Ages 6-8 2007-2009
Ages 9-10 2005-2006
Ages 11-12 2003-2004
Ages 13-14 2001-2002
Ages 15-18 1997-2000
Athletes must compete in the correct age group according to birth year or they will be disqualified. Athletes competing on a relay team must compete in the oldest athlete’s age group.

Click HERE to see events for each age group & track meet rules.

Click HERE to see order of events for June 4th practice meet.


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