Layton City Practice Meet Thursday May 22 – 4:45 registration and Calendar updated with our local city meet.

See the schedule for the practice meet against Layton City this Thursday @ Layton High School. Registration is from 4:45 – 5:20 pm.  The meet will start at 5:30 pm. Ages 9 – 14 as of December 31st 2012 can participate in any 3 events and ages 6 – 8 as of December 31st 2012 can participate in any 2 events.

Please look for our table and make your child a sticker for each event they will be participating. The sticker should include:

Name – Age (as of December 31st) – Ogden – Event – Male or Female

Track meet schedule: Meet Schedule of Events

No birth certificates are needed at this practice meet!

The Ogden Track Club Calendar 2014 (click on to see updates) has been updated with more local meets.  Remember Hershey Rules only allows your child to participate in one local meet anywhere that best works with your schedule.  We will be hosting the Ogden Track Club Local Meet – June 7th, 2014 – Saturday morning 10 am with athlete race day sticker pickup at 9:15 am.  IT WILL BE A CLOSED MEET FOR CLUB MEMBERS ONLY! We allow the 6-8 age group to participate in the Ogden meet. They cannot qualify for the Northern District Meet.


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