Practice Meet Results and Hershey Rules

1.  Great practice meet last Tuesday May 21st – Meet Results- Ogden Dual 05212013!

2.  Some parents are confused about Hershey rules.  Hershey allows athletes ages 9-14 to compete in there track meets, with 3 age groups, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-14.  Your age group is determined by the age your child is on December 31st of the current calendar year.  If you have an 8 year old child currently but they will be 9 by December 31st this calendar year, then they are in the 9 – 10 age group for Hershey. This is the same for all age groups. You can see more detailed rules at .

3.  This link shows the events for each age group:

4.  One other key rule is that your child may only participate in one local/city meet.  Our club will host the Ogden City track meet June 13, 3013 @ Ogden High at 5:30. Please come an hour early for registration.  If you child cannot attend our city meet they can participate in another city meet.  Top two placers will advance to the district meet and top two placers from district will advance to the state meet. Our club will host a final track meet and party at the end of the season for all club members so everyone gets to see how much they have improved at the end of the season.

5.  Relays – require four athletes same gender and same age division. Relay teams will mostly like advance to the state meet.  Please let Amber Anderson know you want your child on a relay if they can participate in our city, district and state meet. Hershey Rules makes it very difficult to switch members on the relay team if your child has to miss a meet.  It keeps the entire team from participating.


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