New Location – Hershey State Meet – Herriman Fire Update

Due to the fire in Rose Canyon near Herriman, the location of the State Meet has been changed.  We will now have the meet at West Jordan High School located at 8136 South 2700 West.  We will start the meet one hour later than planned.  WE WILL CHECK IN AT 10 AM AND THE MEET WILL BEGIN AT 11AM.  We are hoping that this extra hour will enable participants who may not get notified to travel to the right location.  We will have volunteers at Herriman High School to notify participants of the change. – Paul Foster, State Hershey Director.

Thank you for your great support.  Please remember water party and mini track meet at 10- 12 am Monday – July 2nd.

Final Registration Instructions:  Check-in for the State Meet will begin at 10:00 a.m. Meet starts at 11:00 am. Please arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to warm up. Remember to follow the Hershey Track & Field Games rules. There will be no spectators or coaches on the infield area. There will be no spikes allowed and no aids for the relays. Please contact Paul Foster at Richfield Parks and Recreation for more information. Thanks for your participation and support.


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