2012 Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the 2012 Ogden Youth Track Club. We are accepting more athletes for our 2012 season – 150 kids. Our great coaching staff includes, Amber Anderson, Alydia Barton, Elaine Feeny, Missy Allred, Marilee Blackham, Dana Scharmann, Daniel Bauer, Ami Robinson and Deona Willie.  If you are interested in coaching please email me.   Please view and print forms from the Schedule & Forms link above.

The schedule is subject to some change.  Most of the cities in Northern Utah have not posted their local city meets.  We also are hoping to be able to use the new Weber State Track facility.  But they are not sure if they will allow the public to use their track currently.  So we have posted to two locations – Weber State or Ogden High.  We will be updating information on this blog regularly as soon as we know.

Hershey allows athletes from ages 9 to 14 as of December 31st this calendar year to compete in their meets.  We allow athletes as young as 6 or who have attended at least kindergarten. The coaches will have kids come that are younger out of necessity.

The Hershey website is very organized.  They have listed all their local city, district and state meets.  You can look up meet information at their website under – Track Meet Central at http://www.hersheystrackandfield.com/ I have updated our calendar with all the local track meets and practices for the month of June that are listed so far.  Please check schedule regularly for updates and cancelled dates due to weather (lightening).

We support the Hershey program because the meets are closer and free.  The USATF has a series of track meets for youth. Your athletes can participate in any of these meets with a USATF number.  You can look at the Utah schedule at their website:  http://utah.usatf.org/

Thank you for your great support and sportsmanship.  We love working with your little athletes. They are champions!


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