Hershey City Meet Rules

Hershey rules allow kids ages 9 to 14 to participate in the local city meets.  Your child’s age division is decided as of December 31 of the current year.   For example, if they are 8 currently but their birthday is November 28 and they turn 9, they would be in the 9-10 age division, etc.

Your child can participate in any one city meet, but not two different city meets.  Most of our kids will participate in the Ogden meet this Saturday.  In the past,  the top two in each event qualify to the district meet and the top two in district qualify to the state meet.  If your child does not qualify to the next level, no worries,  because we hold an end of year track meet and party for our kids.

RELAYS – Your kids can participate in 3 events (2 running 1 field or 2 field 1 running).  One of the funnest events is the 4 x 100 relay.  We need 4 same sex kids from the same age division to participate in this event.  The kids love it and almost always qualify for state.  State is a blast because they treat them like they are super stars.  They all get Hershey shirts, bottles and lunch.  If you are interested please let me know at the beginning of practice tomorrow and we will try to put together as many relays as possible.  Thanks for your support!


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  1. tara warren

    hi. i’m christian’s step mom tara (10 year old big kid). he was thrilled today when he got back from practice. all he could talk about was practicing the relays with the other kids. thanks for making this a super positive experience for these kids.
    so he also mentioned that he has to be in clearfield at 8:30 for the saturday meet? as far as i can see, it’s either at ogden high, layton or bear river. and if he is doing a relay, which of those locations do you want him at?
    also, my hubby and i also have race commitments on saturday and we are sending christian with a relative. typically how long should be let them know that the meet will be?
    10 year old boys seem to mix up info sometimes and i just want to make sure he’s where he needs to be on saturday. please feel free to email me back, call or text.
    tara w.
    801 520 6103

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